5 Reasons Why You Should Add Car Hauling Liability Coverage For Your Vehicle

Using a car hauling service like Route 12 Rental Co Inc. is a great way to transport a new car or a move across the country to a new home. Whatever your reason is, there are many options when using a car trailer service. Car haulers often have liability insurance coverage options that can give you protection for any damage that is done to the vehicle during the transport. When choosing a car hauler company, it's important to look into the full liability coverage, the deductibles, and five reasons why it's important to have. Even with the safest hauler drivers, some accidents cannot be avoided on the road. Browse through five reasons you should get liability insurance the next time you have a car hauled.

Road Debris

Many car haulers will travel on highways to go long distances, but sometimes road debris cannot be avoided. Dirt roads, gravel, or random pieces of debris can fly through the air. Small rocks, sticks, and other items can easily cause damage to your vehicle. This includes small dents, chipped windows, or even fully cracked windows. When your car is delivered, it's important to examine it for any signs of these problems. By having proper liability coverage, you can ensure that the repairs are paid for and your vehicle looks like it originally did when it was first delivered.

Theft & Vandalism

Car haulers are typically safe during the trip, but there's no predicting when car theft can occur. If a thief attempts to break into your car, there could be damage done to door handles, windshields, and other parts like lock mechanisms. As you sign up for a liability package, ensure that theft and vandalism is covered. In many cases, these incidents are covered in a basic liability agreement, but other times you may need to sign up for the extra theft option. This is especially true if the whole car is stolen. The extended coverage option will ensure that you are reimbursed for the car's value.

Weather Elements

When a car hauler travels long distances, it can experience all types of weather elements. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain are just a few of the problems that can cause damage to your vehicle. Something as simple as high winds could damage antennas or ornamental designs on the vehicle. By purchasing liability insurance, you will have coverage through all these weather situations. It's also a good idea to be prepared for the different weather patterns going through the area. For example, if you know that the car hauler is traveling through sleet, you can examine your car for this specific damage when it arrives.

Car to Car Damage

Car haulers typically have a system for adding cars and ensuring that they stay properly rigged. If cars accidentally slip or become loose, they can slip and bump into each other. When something like this occurs, you could be dealing with bumper damage, paint damage, and other possible problems. Insurance coverage can help pay for this damage without it impacting your own car insurance or direct costs out of your pocket. Even though multiple cars may be damaged, a car hauler typically has separate coverage for each vehicle that is transported. This helps prevent you from getting shortchanged on insurance payouts for repairs.

Car Accidents

One of the more common ways your vehicle could get damaged on a car trailer is through a car accident. If the trailer tips or goes off-road, your vehicle could get really damaged. A full coverage liability option will typically have enough to cover full vehicle replacement if it is needed. This will help you feel comfortable as the car is delivered to its proper location. When an accident does occur, the fault of the accident should not have an impact on your repairs as long as you have the liability coverage. This will help you get the repairs as soon as possible.

Even though in most cases your car will be delivered safe and clean, the liability coverage is a great option for added protection. Communicate with a car hauler so you understand all of these insurance options and the choices you have.